Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Engine Oil (4T)

Motul 5100

  • Uses new ester synthetic base stock
  • Bonds electrochemically with metals
  • Handles higher loads and running temperature
  • Provides better pumpability in cold cranking conditions
  • Positive clutch response and extended gear life
Special transmission additive for perfect protection of the gear teeth.
Viscosity recommended by most manufacturers, especially suitable for engine equipped with hydraulic lifters.
For bikes of all capacities, in town, on the road or off.
Standards : API SG/SH/SJ/SL, CCMC G-5, JASO MA.
Price : 43.00 MYR only!!

*You can read the testimony here.

Shell Advance Ultra

  • This is the best Shell 4-Stroke motorcycle oil you can buy.
  • For riders of high-powered performance bikes who push their bikes to the limit and who demand top performance, but need the ultimate in protection and cleanliness.
  • A fully synthetic premium oil, exceeding highest international specifications and motorcycle manufacturers’ requirements.
  • API SL JASO MA (10w 40)
Price : 43.00 MYR only!!

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